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Zero Artificial is a fourth generation organization in the distribution of natural products, started back in the end of 18th century as sourcing and processing of ‘Ayurvedic medicine’. Previously grounded in southern tip of western Ghats which was recognised by “UNSECO” as the immense global importance for the conservation of biological diversity, besides containing areas of high geological, cultural and aesthetic values. This is home to more than 90 % medicinal herbs used in AYURVEDA. The rich history in serving medicine made us to switch to the organic food concentration pitching over the Ayurvedic philosophy that is “food is medicine and medicine is food”. Through the recent years we are able to bring in more than thousands of farmers in cultivation of organic and thereby reaching in conserving the health of many millions of you…

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Being more than organic we are striving to depend on the Rules of mother nature as every place is unique, where the crop is not forced grown but it sprouts by itself, so the taste and nutrition can be as raw it could be as Wild. we also follow all the rules of international organic Certification which enables to reach us to different parts of the world. As an international brand successfully reaching to various nations around the world we control overall supply chain to ensure the products reach in right ripe quality and in comfortable packing.

Zeroartificial History
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Terrain and landscapes is our classification not the regions in three continents. If it’s the speciality coffee from the mountain regions or GMO free grains from the cropland. Natural taste which cannot be mocked such as the coconut which spring its tenderness near seashore, and sweetness to mango derives from dryland. ‘wilderness comes with the nudity in right choice for right crop’. This strives us handling wide coverage of landscape connecting with farmers all around the countries to make every product special.

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